BRTLMN :: makes body cold

I don't know why, these days i am really fond of some release titles, see that :: MAKES BODY COLD, the second and new release of BRTLMN (aka W. Adams) for EED (inaugurating a brand new website), isn't it a significant and promising title ? Then, what is behind this human ice cream title and hairy frontcover ? in fact, i simply do NOT want to answer and i would like to add, clear up you with your capacity to explore some unconventional little practised musical paths. Iconoclast, BRTLMN is presented as a "singular" artist, and in this particular case, singularity is synonymous of audacity, bizarrery, seal, whim, character, knack, cocassery, drolery, strangeness, eccentricity, dark exoticism, imagination, boldness, independence, individuality, nonconformism, innovation, original, paradox, particularism, characteristic, personality, pricking, picturesque, style, unicity … and i have promised not to answer, but please first check "Thunder God" cid, awesome !

Format :: digital
Location :: +Expanding Electronic Diversity /

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