Jive Biquette :: 11

From glitch to proto-hardcore, with a touch of disproportion, the eleven tracks of "11" are variegated and composites. With an undeniable taste for cinematographic writing and mental soundscapes, Jive Biquette preserves a certain taste for cut-ups, sound joining and (ironic ?) references, such as André Malraux voice (track 04), or punk icon, Poly Styren opening track 05. "11" is also the place of some great collaborations, as the one with contemporary artist Joël Hubaut, who also has signed the artwork. Then remains this weird evocation of sept.11, subtitling "live in Calais", another mysterious way, that I like it to give up by having another go to the splendid "track 06".

Format :: cd
Location :: Jive Biquette

© thierry massard / avril 2006
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