Kenneth Kirschner :: august 10, 2005

After releases such as the recent (and brilliant) Karras :: Fernen, EKO netlabel continues its collaborations and investigations on immateriality and soundscapes with New-yorker artist Kenneth Kirschner. Probably faithful to the work of the conceptual artist On Kawara, or more simply eager of a permanent chronology of its own work (based on indeterminate music approach) Kirschner gives us a date, "August 10, 2005", a date well far from the state of unconcern of the summer season. The result is a 21 minutes 52 seconds massive and atmospheric inspired piece that we could, certainly imagine out on a summer hit, still would be first necessary that the professionals of the joy of life in tube, take some remedial courses …

Format :: digital
Location :: EKO /

© thierry massard / avril 2006
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