Eidgeist :: landmass EP

After a first and promising EP, called "spiral", for picomedia netlab,
Edgeist, a very kind boy, is bringing us a new basket of delicacies,
4 deliciously industrial sweets and 3 dark ambient softnesses for our great … sense of well-being.
7 essential pieces to your the best modern comfort ::
"crack (one)" announces some serious architectural modification of our environment
"shore" is very clearly accelerate the movement general of some cellular geography (brilliant)
"crack (two)" invites to note the result of neuronal modifications through a gas mask, not approved.
"plate" pushes us on a particularly sound slope slipping and with the many noisy asperities.
"magnesium", inaugurating the ambient serie of tracks in “ium”, is hypnotic and without illusion - crepuscular and inspired.
“aluminium” starts a hammering without real hope but inspired as much than its predecessor
“sodium” finally, impresses of a spectral harmony, closes a brilliant demonstration of an accomplished talent.

Landmass - ideal for your house

Format :: digital
Location :: archive. org
Website :: Edgeist

© thierry massard / november 2006
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