PolarProject :: no name

Mobile soundscapes for neuronal dancefloor ? Faithful to his initial concept of representation and/or confrontation of mental images to (a modern) environment, :: no name marks an undoubted evolution in Juergen Rieger's work, as a complete hybridation on suggestion, concrete body talking (reflections - afternoon) as well as this very private investigation and sometimes curious dialogue between the semiconductors and brain cells (mad about) without forgetting the two splendid sinuous ways (it is - fearless). The release is closing on "jagged" … and that's precisely our state of mind after such a treatment.
PolarProject confirms, he is an incontestable non-motionless artist,
still certainly with "no name" but not for a long time.

Format :: digital
Location :: decisive sound records / discogs
Website :: PolarProject
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