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Composed and recorded by ±•¬.¬ (electronic musician based in Nancy, France) during the last two years , :: -----/ CYP3A4 reports of the intense interest from the author for other "states of mind and unknown place in imagination, unknown colours" and the result is not far from a real new soundscapes exploration, revealing a deep sense of sound colorism (6ini05) and a real hability to materialize a half-hidden fog (brum).
±•¬.¬ is also the real expressionnist craftsman on restitution of an amazing "groundA" earth's crust - "noname", which closes this "cytochrome" (word for CYP3A4) release, already allows us to hope a coming new “psycho ethno archeo" activities report.

Format :: digital
Location :: clinical archives

Link :: ±•¬.¬

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