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Emulsion vs. Hybridization ? as in a course of chemistry, let's observe the fundamentals (with a "s")
It should be admitted that, finally, the explosion of this fabulous hybridization of abstract hiphop did not have happened… a great disappointment for all those which could see in there a true opportunity for a growing old electronica. Then, depressed, heartbreaking Lex-NinjaTune-Anticon amateurs have gone away to other unknown pleasures. Anyway, here are coming good news for these, they can come back to enjoy this perfect "emulsion" between the japanese mechanical and ultra-lyrical flow of Duff and the sophisticated arrangments of its compatriot, Irie Yoshihisa (aka IRISH).
Opening on a half success track "black sun swing" (a bit too hiphop over-produced) the EP is coming on very sensitive bleep conjunction ("cell") and "desire” will certainly see breaking down any resistance. "ツツマレテク" (tsutsumareteku) confirms a kind of quintessence of the incur emulsion. Funny how "love me" is giving us the choice between pure and sentimental feelings and mmh … other love ways. The ::ID EP is closing on a "bonus beats" which have some great difficulties in hide the melodic digression of which we know, that Irish is so fond of delicacies.

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