Mr.Modular :: stepseq jams/revenge, at last

That's terrible my dear friends, but that's a fact "we only lend to rich persons" … The very young netlabel moov is … very very very fortunate. Inaugurated a few days ago, and based on an interesting concept of a coming release, each month (audio+video), the new project of our recent questionnaire guest, Max Marlow, have all good reasons to feel lucky, happy, beautiful (and in good health) with this first reference. A very shaped sound, sharp and intelligent construction, 11 supra-seductive tracks dominated by titles with so promising names : "pattern group toogle", "happy raver", "scream your mighty filter" or the pure electronica gem "as they descent", :: stepseq jams/revenge, at last, announces some great references to come, and beautiful days … as rich people, we now will supervise our interests.

Format :: digital
Location ::  moov / bandcamp (partly re-edited)

© thierry massard / february 2007
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