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28 mars 2008

please check the article by Kirk Johnson in the New York Times
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Monoceros :: tales from late night remixes

Flotel :: Background birds remix
Betelgeuse :: Happiness bipolar remix
Macroeconomics :: Tales for silent nights remix
Maps & Diagrams :: Warm remix
Heezen :: Little pieces remix
An On Bast :: Happiness remix
Spoweck :: Northern lights shadow remix
Crisopa :: Tales for silent nights remix
Soundhacker :: Depression and vortex at Jan Mayen remix
Flüor :: Happiness
Leon Somov :: The day we become one remix
The Boats :: Warm
DARK.SINUS.WAVE :: Happiness edit 2 (Music for the film 'concèntric' by Jordi Mitjà)

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:: Monoceros
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