Bran Lanen :: nocturnal disturbance

close your eyes ! please don't, don't read those lines !
close your eyes before it will be too late ... i'm sorry it is !
unconditionally and fully addictive at once !
Bran Lanen gives no alternative !
"essential understanding" can provide no respite !
and "fully disappointed" is a total oxymoron !
you cannot say ... when I told to do not read these lines!

24dec08 - 18:30

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Emi :: 720x120

1 / novembre 2008

2 / novembre 2008

3 / novembre 2008

november 08 guest of 720x120 design project, i have recently discovered his fascinating and very personal world through a netaudio release of Risch for the label petite&jolie, Emi is a graphic designer and "incidentally" a drummer - she is living in Rouen and often talking of "graphistouilles" ... merci Emi.

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Grace Jones :: hurricane

far of having understood the definitive failure of the empire, a few genetically rebuilt old beards are still trying to enjoy the ultimate glimmers of a desesperate serenade, no air, haggard, just in search of botox dividends, a "danse macabre" - conventional, sordid and pathetic ...

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Dsum :: libertad

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Controlled Dissonance :: this is what i do when you're drunk

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