Bird Paradigma :: maldoror's scent

nothing else … the case is closed

you know, Bird paradigma produces a Maldoror's scent, dry ashes or … apparent
1, 2, 3, nous dansons encore, et nous danserons encore
pages, words, les moisissures (apparence again), our troubles, and that … memory (what memory?) - Bird Paradigma footprints winding paths, digs over, deeper, pulls time, frolicking with a spectrum unknown to us, que ferions-nous ? the shadow is intense, incandescent – 1, 2, 3, nous dansons !
the image is false, uncertain, we (absolutely) dance on a volcano - we use ashes, monoliths – far from Montevideo, far from an ending november month in Paris – you know … we don't, and Bird Paradigma inflames our torments 

thierry massard / 17 juillet 2011 - 10:45

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