Dissolved :: tangled prismatics

Back in a quite personal history, starting and concerning some "Pyritized Ray Stories" of the gentleman of Glasgow to some other and more recent stories, the fact is that Dissolved keeps his promises and, these "Tangled Prismatics" are there and, fortunately, not only to prove it.
Fruit of a intensive collecting period of two years, this so inspired scheduling, or maybe fusion, will project you in a perfect immersive experience, floating sometimes between evanescent voice phenomenas, meeting authentic topaz candles, just before the clinking of an answering machine, freezing a convulsive mechanical reality - Wake up !
Yes, finally the word is pronounced : reality - ubiquitous but so fluctuating - Tangled prismatics unfolds in multiple sedimentary compressions, fragile and so solid strata yet to climates almost clashed and melted - the reality of Dissolved only exists in this interlacing.
But, do not mistaken, the frontier is thin, tiny, and if it is still time to convince you,
just try a final and ... spinal rain - reality !

Thierry Massard / 29 mars 2018 - 16:48