Tales From The Sleeping Land :: III

the friend said : "don't miss moments when inspiration is crawling"
don’t miss moments when inspiration is crawling … then i pressed start !
Feeling the slow unwinding of the magnetic tape, coming and promising.

Probably still waiting for a new story to come, tales - i am, you are, i hope.
A memory - the monolites remain from ages - inert but so flamboyant.
The boy in filigree is watching through … you will not wait too long.
Things coming, coming stronger, growing, growing stronger with the consent of that pedestal free sax coming, coming from a graduated fun house, do you believe it - i do
Soon, you will normally be jealous of Kaloyan Ivanov, for sure.

Hell ! Are you still waiting ? Come on throw yourself ! hurry up, the dreamer doesn't wait any longer
the surf and some wanderings around will make you, perhaps, wait (again?) too late ?
This ultra sonic boy is coming, 
i say : THIS ultra sonic boy is coming ... he is !

Then, Are you still in filigree ? 
Are you still from this land ?

Thierry Massard / 19 mars 2018 - 02:08

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