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Heezen :: secret speech

What splendid days ! ... Beautiful netaudios succeeding to other, and non less, beautiful netaudios and it must be said, it is quite delicate to follow this infernal movement. Then, after such a great party, the hangover will be brutal, one day or another. Anyway, as said somewhere Miss County "tomorrow is another day" …

Who are those :: secret speech, all made of particles of souvenirs, extracted from the memory of Raül Fuentes, or was it from old vinyl treasures. A few guitar tunes, a reminiscence of Willian Klein iconography or Jean Seberg selling the “New York herald tribune” on the Champs Elysées, a limpid writing. These secrets are all made of magic. what splendid days !

Format :: cd / digital
Location :: / archive. org
Website :: 12rec
Website :: Heezen / discogs

© thierry massard / september 2006
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Neuf Meuf :: it's cold in space

"it's cold in space" has "nonchalantes allures",
it is quite difficult to stick a description to it, that's it !
Co-produced by 12rec and Serein, we did not need less than these 2 structures to try to delimit this wandering creation -
"it's cold in space" invites you to 11 rhyzomic escapades without party taken, but whose epicentre of the phenomenon could be "goldberry dreamsteam", with its jazzy premises, its slow ambient immersion, moving textures and always this kind of indolent charm.
In its “solid” version :: it's cold in space is accompanied by a very beautiful graphic creation of Inmo Design, publishers besides of the very remarkable MultiLink magazine.
Neuf Meuf is a man of taste.


"it's cold in space" a des allures nonchalantes,
il est bien difficile d'y coller un descriptif, tant mieux !
Co-produit par 12rec et Serein, il ne fallait pas moins que ces 2 structures pour tenter de délimiter cette création vagabonde -
"it's cold in space" vous invite à 11 escapades rhyzomiques sans parti pris, mais dont l'épicentre du phénomène pourrait bien être "goldberry dreamsteam", avec ses prémisses jazzy, sa lente immersion ambient, textures mouvantes et toujours cette sorte de charme indolent.
Dans sa version "solide" :: it's cold in space est accompagné d'une très belle création graphique de Inmo Design, par ailleurs éditeurs du très remarquable magazine MultiLink.
Neuf Meuf est un homme de goût.

Format :: cd / digital
Location :: 12rec - serein

© thierry massard / july 2006
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El Senor Ciuf Ciuf :: as seen from above

"this springtime will be catchy" the great dada meteorologist, El senor Oliviero Farneti is formal, and don't try to resist to "i feel like a clean blackboard" which opens this eclectic view from above, you will only precipitate yourself on a soft fall in some ravelling colored and sometimes sour landscapes, illustrated by the talented Joey Weiser - ispirato!

Format :: digital / cdr
Location ::

© thierry massard / mars 2006
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