Affichage des articles dont le libellé est Baba Llaga. Afficher tous les articles
Affichage des articles dont le libellé est Baba Llaga. Afficher tous les articles

Baba Llaga :: el ultimo viaje de vasilissa

Impressive … ''el amor del insectos''
Impressive … "cuarto milenio"
Impressive … "omen"
Impressive … "documento clinico"
Impressive … "la axacra de llano"
Impressive … "television fantasma"
Impressive … "dama del ocaso"
Impressive …
Impressive … are first those enthralling little "insectos" which surreptitiously involve enter bodies through auditory canal and mark durably your cortex - Impressive is the echo of the fourth millenium in a human breathe - impressive is "omen" as a moving and atmospheric opacity suddenly returned to our tangible reality - impressive is "documento clinico" this gloved latex hand, opening a heavy file of secrecies, do you feel the glance of that whom scans you professionally - impressive is "laxacra de llano" like an electric cable transferring on standby electric shock - "television fantasma" will no longer give any rest as impressive are the flux of questions on the real contain behind the screen - Then does "dama del ocaso", which ends this release, like a Burroughs cut-up attack on a lyrical sanctuary revealing a white noise heart is impressive ? Yes it is.

:: el ultimo viaje de vasilissa is the first release of Baba Llaga - Raul Dominguez (Armadillo Concreto), Miguel A. García (Xedh, Valvula Antirretorno), Daniel Llaria (Bujero) & Itziar Markiegi (Teta FX), "100% improvised … focused more on the texture and evocation than on the impact and perversion of different forms of music - no intentions and no pretentions.”

just … impressive

Format :: digital
Location :: mahorka / archive. org
thanks to Sergi at bleepwatch

V&R :: Xedh :: sort:zen

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