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Xedh :: composition in red

- as a need to return to mental language

- d'abord il y a cette irrépressible envie de revenir au langage mental.
dédale de notes manuscrites diverses / pensées fugaces, vagues impressions initiales puis l'oubli instantané

- esta necesidad de volver de nuevo a mi lengua materna, a cada momento de confrontación a esta realización

the word is said - confrontation, or was it the other one, ambitious, from the (good) words of camomille presentation - ambitious … this terrible word, which sometimes exerts a repulsive fascination.
There is this amplitude, the density of a formal, un-narrative suggestion of reality filtered through the abstractive prism of Xedh composition, and these constant calls to break up, if you definitively refuse to look beyond.

Impassibility - la fuerza de la pasividad? as a "half" invitation to join in, Sara Paniagua introduces us, with an absolute skill, to 4 beautiful readings of the Miguel A. García vision. half invitation ? yes, as a refusal to any voyeurist intrusion, these videos seem to materialize a frontier between two concrete realities - one and main on the screen, as an initiatic advance, a reality highly transfigured through the combined presence of Anna Vila Serra costumes, reinforcing, at his best, this border (edge) between two worlds and another reality (duality) all populated by human ghost-tourists (whom strangely look like us) sauntering without apparent purpose.

:: composition in red is undoubtedly a major work in the course of Xedh, as much as a premise mutation to new forms of exploration for a netculture and scene, removed from any format nostalgia.

* And finally, there is the glance of this woman who is posed intensely on you before she very slowly closes again the eyelids - ultimate introspective fold? Renouncement like an art...

* Et enfin, il y a le regard de cette femme qui se pose intensément sur vous avant qu'elle ne referme très lentement les paupières - ultime repli introspectif ? le renoncement comme un art …

* Y finalmente, hay la mirada de esta mujer que se plantea intensamente sobre ustedes antes de que vuelva a cerrar muy lentamente los párpados - último repliegue introspectivo? la renuncia como un arte …

*ref. video 1 / 03:40-03:55

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