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Affichage des articles dont le libellé est Editions de la C.R.E.M.. Afficher tous les articles

Bazaar :: eden express

" … Les murs nus de l'univers reflètent les prodigieux actes de terrorisme burlesques. Le hasard, c'est la moindre des choses.
Et pourtant ! ... Nous sommes des métèques, des dégénérés, des désintégrés, des atomisés, des mutants, des exorcistes, des fumistes, des ramiers, des bon à nib. Alors nos dadas, nos hobbies-lubbies, nos tapages, nos épidémies, nos babas, nos parodies, notre vandalisme, nos mixages planétaires, nos mutations, bref ; on a déjà tout dit ...

Not at the end of surprises ! … For this second cd object release, the EXtensive, Expanding Electronic Diversity new-yorker label (EED) and Bazaar have decided to welcome us with a negative picture representation of "l'heure de tous" a sculpture by Arman, usually presented on its positive version in the entrance of the parisian railway station, la gare Saint-Lazare. As for the first release ( eed 05 compilation) the artwork, designed by Fred DeBief & David Tagg, is still as originally beautiful (hand made), as the edition is ultra limited (50) - EED is usual of goldsmith work, a pretty cool approach for this :: eden Express.
Dedicated to first ( and only one ? ) french beat poet, Claude Pélieu works, :: eden EXpress is mmmh … let me see around … yes, that's it … :: eden EXpress is pro-ba-bly the most Ex-cited and highly concentrated source of AI (artistic intelligence) of the year, solid pleasures for whoever having the senses in awakening.
Opening with 'archipels mutilés', you are immediately taken through a dangerous density combination of reality and abstract suggestive flashy succession of scratching images extracted from a mental deviant tv monitor, Welcome ladies and gents !
'Boomerang' - perfect cut-up poem, as a precious sound-collagist, Bazaar has invited the old Claude friend, Bill, the ghosts of the Interzone are not very far … 'la rue est une rêve" seems to give some echo of temporary rest, a temptation of dancefloor … (on a volcano) strange game of appearances. 'Revolvers pavillons noirs', previously on EED 05 compilation, whirling reminiscence of a dreamed Tanger city. Here invents with blow of guns, the breath of a dark libertarian revolt. Not far of the dominant color of the preceeding track, 'Eden Express', heavy hammering revealing a turning aerial tune, harmony in construction quickly swept by an electric storm. 'le souterrain de velours' could have the out of date perfume of a vintage sm pulp novel, instigator of other famous musical adventures, if it were not there, impregnated by convulsions, fulgurating and tribal rhythmics.
Protean sound matter, with 'soupe de lézard', Bazaar draws up a sound inventory moving, imaginary jazz for daylife documentary film, profusion of images and vision criticizes sharp-edged. Lastly, with "retroviseurs' and ' daN the way lactée',:: eden EXpress is closing on two splendid musical combinations, ' retroviseur' where clash some flutes, tablas, pulsations, with a shivering dematerialized presence, 'Dans la voie lactée bleue' and its spectral intro, remote Qawwali, successive drones and whispers of voices carrying secrets.

:: eden EXpress - Not at the end of surprises ! …

Format :: cd
Location :: discogs 

* summer 1986. Central New York.
extracted from the book : Télé-Karma. " Claude Pélieu - Joël Hubaut "
éditions de la C.R.E.M. Collection pronto Epidémia 47. 1991. Réville.

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