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Coldicus :: easy love - hard feel

Of course, this review could look like this :: "Following the may single release :: minimal [no] horowo for otium netlab, :: easy love - hard feel confirms all it although we thought of Ilya Mamochkin. Amateur of atmospheres where the deep immersions dominate, the man of Murmansk is an usual and amateur of beautiful work" … but, after a quick search on google, looking for impressions on colors, skies, walls … of the city, appears this photo taken through a car window of a man alone, in a Murmansk street covered with white and dirty snow photo (*) the picture is ironically intitled "a russian graffiti" in reason of a soviet-realism prop painting on the wall of a building …nothing on the quiet gravity on the face of the man who seems to just have a walk, indifferent to the matter of the photographer (who is probably in search of a hypothetical sense of humour). Coldicus is doing the same with his music, gravity, quiet and deep feelings, a taste of humanity solidified by the cold nature of things. In that way, the works of Ilya are so deeply modern and impressed of a true and rare elegance. Then remains that general impression of conceptual sadness even after a delicate "caress", or is it what the french symbolists poets of the end of the 19th century (Charles Baudelaire) called "spleen" and on particular item like "everything's (no) ok", the message is clear. "whatever" which follows seems to propose a way, a way on vacuity, luxury, Coldicus is apparently a dandiysm adept. This beautiful netaudio is closing on "man in fridays" and "sms" majorly on a downtempo electronica approach, but no way on some genre terms, Coldicus is singular and we sometimes should like to have a walk in Murmansk streets with him.

(*) now deleted - ndr.

Format :: digital
Location :: hw homework / discogs

V&R :: minimal [no] horowo

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