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Affichage des articles dont le libellé est Jeff Surak. Afficher tous les articles

Xedh :: exadh

"Miguel A. García (aka xedh) is one of the few artists working in the laptop domain that manages to go beyond the sterile audio terrain that many practioners of digital music tend to get lost in and never find a way out. Xedh exploits the pristine frequencies and extreme sonic range...and still ensures that his music has some muscle and perhaps a bit of humor. In his new mp3 ep for zeromoon he uses sounds from a few artists (simon daniel, thierry massard, & rafael flores) and throws in some of his own using a mixer, mics, sine waves, and treated sounds. In his own words: "It's somehow curious to watch in an almost unconscious way how links generate themselves, in this case between people/sounds connected by their escape from more established shapes. The hidden face of one of the most active characters of the most extreme german industrial music, a french critic-poet with the rediscovered sin of youth, and a living legend among the Iberian experimental music scene. I really was Between them, myself and the intention of a piece which I expected to make them to engage in a dialogue and to exist here and now together: a kind of tribute to the others. But when i tried it, i had to face the impossibility of generating something real
without having them transformed, internalized, absorbed, and to finally recognize myself in them too. I couldn't deny myself. So what this piece brought up was the confrontation between differences, between the other and self, between the foreign and own, the external, the internal, outside, inside, confused to be just one. A piece about being human." Sounds good to me, now go get it

Text by Jeff Surak - courtesy of ZeroMoon

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