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Affichage des articles dont le libellé est Jonas Ruchenhever. Afficher tous les articles

Jonas Ruchenhever :: somber

that silence for weeks, that noCo...mmunication shape for ages, that initial and absolute difficulty to finally share some impressions and/or words ... is far for being an objective way to characterize the "reviewer" (don't care about) behind those words, but finally - Jonas Ruchenhever is a burglar ! a very singular artist, one of those who captures your attention with great delicacy but determination, a quiet investigator for determinate and irreversible passions, an unusual guide always on the lookout for surprises - then, is it necessary to break that initial wall of incommunicability, to easily approach the imposing four parts (on its cd edit) of somber - let the charm act and take great care - striking !

> words based on a very limited cdr edit, for an upcoming netaudio release
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Jonas Ruchenhever :: night shift

[a frenglish experimentation]

As a regular crisis i'm terribly sorry, so sorry to say that, once again, i'm definitively not addicted to that general standard recognition of imperious genres ... drone ? do you mean, on a semantic approach, renouncement, spy abuse ? abandon ? drone ? what an awful possible segmentation for such a release with that audacious potential, a crossover between night shift (thanks), air amplitude and (épaisseur), suspension, immaterial surface of things and ... materiality emergence, grey soundscapes from an absolute and probable cold sea (so addictive), in between lines interactivity, 33 minutes de sursauts de matières à la linéarité graduelle, dissimulated natural intelligence, rebellions fuyantes , ou cette maitrise manifeste de la non lévitation ... what were we previously talking about ? oh yes ... drone

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