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Affichage des articles dont le libellé est Kenji Siratori. Afficher tous les articles

Kenji Siratori :: dead device

Officially, Dead device is an ep, summarized in 2 parts ::
part1 – 13 minutes and 25 seconds, then part2 - 8 minutes and 55 seconds ... Here (officially) how we could made the autopsy of this apparent seppuku (see illustration) produced by our preferred cyber-Siratori. The affair is not obviously so simple, so much these 2 tracks, announced by Clinical Archives as “experimental and noise” are so distant of this game of appearance, an "effet de genre" probably. Kenji Siratori holds up an image rather stereotyped (ô mom a cyberpunk !) and finally produces a particularly delicate and harmonious musical writing, a wonder of softness for which can raise the surface and the game of appearances …

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<< kenji siratori - ocp - t3tsuo :: gene tv

Kenji Siratori - OCP - t3tsuo :: gene tv

close encounters of the third kind ?
never - never the genre terms : noise and spoken words, have been looking so …. Perfectly Ridiculous and perfectly unsignifiant. do we need a target for pissing ?

1 is the writer :: Kenji Siratori
2 is the musician :: ocp
3 is the musician :: t3tsuo.

and then, the encounters …

"artificial insemination"
tubular auto reverse laconic voice on semi-parazited cryptic sound - and likely to scramble the waves for ocp, sweeping beams an indefinite screen and quite as crypto-organic search of signal for t3tsuo. Chemical organization, and always this laconic descriptive and so lyrical voice. (cups, domes) will allow to prolong the contact.

"gene tv"
still in this scrambling (brouillage) and satured evp's (electronic voices phenomenas) ocp gives us the first sound score of a crawling tv program (…terrorists … communication …) then t3tsuo, in a disconcerting (and "traditional"…) attitude, punctuates the litany of the presenter, trunk-man, TV-humanoïd ? confrontation with these two versions appears quite charismatic

Finally "neo drug(s)ismo" through ocp, brings us all the “comfort” and the “quietude” of the chemical lures, whereas t3tsuo involves us in a neuro wadding carapace.

This experiment is to be missed under any pretext.
Mimi Records, there, have signed one of the most inspired hybrid project since a very long time.
You now can hardly switch on your gene tv …
end of transmission

"Language is a virus from outer space..." - William S Burroughs

Location :: MiMi records / bandcamp reissue

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