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Affichage des articles dont le libellé est Rich.vom.Dorf. Afficher tous les articles

Rich.Vom.Dorf :: short pants

the musical adventures of Rich are so rare that it must be noticed. 2009 is a year of providence for the fans of the Hamburg citizen. After a recent collection (nice) of remixes for broque netlabel, these 2 summer tracks for kreislauf give us an exemplary demonstration of the characteristic fine flexibility of an artist, only armed with a mischievous talent, who has crossed all borders a long time ago - Rich.Vom.Dorf practices interdisciplinary cultural miscegenation while others still watch ... TV

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720x120 :: Rich.vom.Dorf

rvd01 / juillet 2007

:: Fourth guest of  our 720x120 visual project, Rich.vom.Dorf. (RVD) is born in 1981, and currently lives in Hamburg. Rich works as media designer (at "Khujo" clothing brand) and have contributions at "Bagazine" - cover artworks for "Kreislauf" - "Laminim" - "Loopzilla" - "Inoquo" - "SSS" - ... - grafx for "Subculture Magazine" - wrote reports for "Raveline" & "Freshguide" - 7th rank at the "Busy Beaver Button Design Contest" - Rich have also released some music at different weblabels - paints postcards.....
His entire contribution to this project can be found on the dedicated :: 720x120

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Rich.vom.Dorf :: i hate the tv - ep

1) watching television everyday, switching on an feeling ok …
2) i don't understand why i should pay a fee for something that i hate and don't want to see …
3) zapping around up and down …
the message is perfectly clear and the demonstration is pure limpidity, Rich.vom.Dorf invits to think about.
free will makes sense.

Format :: digital
Location :: inoQuo /

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