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test tube collected works 076 - 124

after a last year first dvd edit, this new compilation is an absolute must-have for every test tube afficionado, especially when you (or...i), with quite discretion, don't want to agree on the fact (400 tracks/35 hours) of having missed an item (or two). a delicate attention from Pedro Leitão.

:: tube dvd 02
:: tube dvd 01

Peacee F Moya :: mouth for sore sight

Is it a deafening whisper ? why does suddenly air in the room growing in density and thickness - chamanic mantras in an industrial complex of wadding, felt and lead in fusion, Peacee F Moya takes you in a ballet, whose mechanism seems to have a curious tendency to leave in a dangerous inflationary spiral - the loss of control is inevitable and do not seek especially to hang to you to some illusory accent of flattering trumpet. But here now we are in the center of a “three exodic”, second act of a a ceremony whose central topic is to be played of our “doors of perception” - it just remains to be known if we are player in this open mouth for sore sight.

Format :: digital
Location :: test tube

© thierry massard / august 2006
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Sticking Drops :: meteo EP

And so, the tube number 41 is looking at the sky … as the two members of Sticky Drops project are talking of contrasm.
Contrasm between the reality of sounds and its way to be generate, contrasm in the approach of creation for Lorenzo Tomio and Nicola Luchese, contrasm, contrasm everywhere …
The result is far from being stormy.
'pioggia' (beautiful italian word for 'rain') which opens the ep, is a sensitive hyperreal observation, feel this particular odor of wet hot tar by a stormy shower ?
'grandine' (hail) is made of this massive block bass sound, rolling on little perls after explosion, once again this particular impression of "a" reality evocation in the writing.
Then, this too short :: meteo ep closes on 'neve', a monochromatic larsen snow wind which fills all empty spaces, leaving you any possible lull.
Rain, Hail, Snow … don't forget it, prima di iniziare un'estate calda

Format :: digital
Location :: test tube
Website :: Sticking Drops

© thierry massard / may 2006
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Norman Fairbanks :: graceland

it is still very early in the morning, and i am listening to :: graceland ep, the new Norman Fairbanks for Test tube. The sky is bright white as those in the pictures on Norman website and artwork. Nothing is moving around yet, except some (i'm living close to the sea) seagulls turning and going from a roof to another. A quick glance on the tracklist, pch1 - mystified (a probable index for an investigation which will not happened, it is too early) - 90026 - graceland (who still cares) then, what remains of these 4 tracks ? an indefinable charm ? an air tune of guitar (mystified) ? Yes, it seems that it is partly a question of air in there, but a car is passing in the street and my thought with ... now "graceland" wakes me up from my torpor, and i simply still want to play it again. Norman Fairbanks hides behind a certain vacuity of things, just call it : elegance.

Format :: digital
Location :: Monocromatica / TestTube
Website :: Norman Fairbanks

© thierry massard / avril 2006
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Irish :: the pretty album

A little more than one year after the brilliant "Understandings" and its very addictive track 'coma and pray', here it is the new and "pretty" release of Irish (aka Irie Yoshihisa) for the very advised netlabel TestTube -
"The pretty album", 4 pieces of childhood's reminiscence, of dreamed nostalgia, but also, and sometimes of broken toys.
'the man of dead letters' which opens the album, offers us the fragmented voice of Mississippi Sunburst on an improbable melody and a delicate building which seems quite fragile, but does not collapse.
Then, Irish invites us to leave for a rave on the Eboshi Mount, erratic and distant of last rejoicings or to come? temptation is strong to succumb to this groove spectral, but reserve is too large. The building, again, seems close to tremble.
From more traditional scheme is "Theme of Emi" which gives us to appreciate the voice of Tsurutin, whispering some soft and secret recommendations.
The album ends on, which certainly, will become one of the track the most … addictive of this spring 2006 : 'Curtain call for the man', and please take attention, cause Irish is intended there to ignite the old stories and to project them with ease with our appreciation, such an unforgettable savour impossible to circumvent.

Format :: digital
Location :: Monocromatica / Test Tube

© thierry massard / mars 2006
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