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Affichage des articles dont le libellé est The Green Kingdom. Afficher tous les articles

01 remix by Darren McClure
02 remix by Koutaro Fukui
03 remix by Alexandre Navarro
04 remix by Manrico Montero
05 remix by GoGoo
06 remix by Letna
07 remix by OffTheSky

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The Green Kingdom :: the green kingdom

Do you have a friend ?
Do you have someone with, you can just seat on a chair, talk (or not) about this pretty girl you just have crossed in the street, someone with whom you can just say that life is boring these days, without any consequence, someone with whom you can just listen to this small clickety-clack coming from a tiny string alternatively rubbing a shutter or the old gutter and then have a conversation on the deep interest of recording field sounds in the post-contemporary european culture for finally just come back to the initial nice girl of the street. Since the last year and the perfect ::lucky bamboo for eko, i now know that a musical creation can (easily) become a sort of immaterial (“broken moonbeam”) vector for friendship. The music of Michael Cottone is very far from the historical sound of motor city, far from any regulation and standard output activities, free and without particular fasteners, if it is not of a deep sincerity, of this sincerity of harmless gestures, these harmless gestures exchanged between friends –
You have a friend.

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The Green Kingdom :: lucky bamboo

There is NOTHING, nothing to say of this :: lucky bamboo of The Green Kingdom, nothing more to say when you are just with the perfect companion.
:: lucky bamboo is a perfect companion.

Thank you, Mister Cottone, you are a lucky bamboo, too.

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