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Xedh :: exadh

"Miguel A. García (aka xedh) is one of the few artists working in the laptop domain that manages to go beyond the sterile audio terrain that many practioners of digital music tend to get lost in and never find a way out. Xedh exploits the pristine frequencies and extreme sonic range...and still ensures that his music has some muscle and perhaps a bit of humor. In his new mp3 ep for zeromoon he uses sounds from a few artists (simon daniel, thierry massard, & rafael flores) and throws in some of his own using a mixer, mics, sine waves, and treated sounds. In his own words: "It's somehow curious to watch in an almost unconscious way how links generate themselves, in this case between people/sounds connected by their escape from more established shapes. The hidden face of one of the most active characters of the most extreme german industrial music, a french critic-poet with the rediscovered sin of youth, and a living legend among the Iberian experimental music scene. I really was Between them, myself and the intention of a piece which I expected to make them to engage in a dialogue and to exist here and now together: a kind of tribute to the others. But when i tried it, i had to face the impossibility of generating something real
without having them transformed, internalized, absorbed, and to finally recognize myself in them too. I couldn't deny myself. So what this piece brought up was the confrontation between differences, between the other and self, between the foreign and own, the external, the internal, outside, inside, confused to be just one. A piece about being human." Sounds good to me, now go get it

(Text by Jeff Surak - courtesy of ZeroMoon

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Xedh :: armiarma

A new release and step from the man of Bilbao, full of surprises, sometimes not far from a "soft" white noise. An intimate mix of human presence through the micros and these relevant frequencies, physically abrupt.
Homophoni must be proud of it.

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Xedh :: composition in red

- as a need to return to mental language

- d'abord il y a cette irrépressible envie de revenir au langage mental.
dédale de notes manuscrites diverses / pensées fugaces, vagues impressions initiales puis l'oubli instantané

- esta necesidad de volver de nuevo a mi lengua materna, a cada momento de confrontación a esta realización

the word is said - confrontation, or was it the other one, ambitious, from the (good) words of camomille presentation - ambitious … this terrible word, which sometimes exerts a repulsive fascination.
There is this amplitude, the density of a formal, un-narrative suggestion of reality filtered through the abstractive prism of Xedh composition, and these constant calls to break up, if you definitively refuse to look beyond.

Impassibility - la fuerza de la pasividad? as a "half" invitation to join in, Sara Paniagua introduces us, with an absolute skill, to 4 beautiful readings of the Miguel A. García vision. half invitation ? yes, as a refusal to any voyeurist intrusion, these videos seem to materialize a frontier between two concrete realities - one and main on the screen, as an initiatic advance, a reality highly transfigured through the combined presence of Anna Vila Serra costumes, reinforcing, at his best, this border (edge) between two worlds and another reality (duality) all populated by human ghost-tourists (whom strangely look like us) sauntering without apparent purpose.

:: composition in red is undoubtedly a major work in the course of Xedh, as much as a premise mutation to new forms of exploration for a netculture and scene, removed from any format nostalgia.

* And finally, there is the glance of this woman who is posed intensely on you before she very slowly closes again the eyelids - ultimate introspective fold? Renouncement like an art...

* Et enfin, il y a le regard de cette femme qui se pose intensément sur vous avant qu'elle ne referme très lentement les paupières - ultime repli introspectif ? le renoncement comme un art …

* Y finalmente, hay la mirada de esta mujer que se plantea intensamente sobre ustedes antes de que vuelva a cerrar muy lentamente los párpados - último repliegue introspectivo? la renuncia como un arte …

*ref. video 1 / 03:40-03:55

Format :: digital / audio+video
Location :: camomille / archive. org
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traducción española aproximada con los servicios de systran

© thierry massard / january 2007
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Xedh :: rencloser EP

Release after release, easily, Miguel Ángel García confirms…
Xedh confirms by planting an enormous (rusted) nail in the allegedly apocalyptic landscape of the modern industry of sounds assembly.
Heir of a certain oldschool tradition (and not least) , the man of Bilbao dismantles some musical commonplaces for better building a singular work which takes all his actual relevance -
disturbed (phil)harmonic (zelenoe) , lyric but bruitist (katarakt) and even chorus disruptive (rencloser) , once again with this netaudio, Xedh builds, with talent, an important work.
Somewhere, beyond the Pyrenees, someone is becoming a great figure of music.

Format :: digital
Location :: archive. org
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© thierry massard / november 2006
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Baba Llaga :: el ultimo viaje de vasilissa

Impressive … ''el amor del insectos''
Impressive … "cuarto milenio"
Impressive … "omen"
Impressive … "documento clinico"
Impressive … "la axacra de llano"
Impressive … "television fantasma"
Impressive … "dama del ocaso"
Impressive …
Impressive … are first those enthralling little "insectos" which surreptitiously involve enter bodies through auditory canal and mark durably your cortex - Impressive is the echo of the fourth millenium in a human breathe - impressive is "omen" as a moving and atmospheric opacity suddenly returned to our tangible reality - impressive is "documento clinico" this gloved latex hand, opening a heavy file of secrecies, do you feel the glance of that whom scans you professionally - impressive is "laxacra de llano" like an electric cable transferring on standby electric shock - "television fantasma" will no longer give any rest as impressive are the flux of questions on the real contain behind the screen - Then does "dama del ocaso", which ends this release, like a Burroughs cut-up attack on a lyrical sanctuary revealing a white noise heart is impressive ? Yes it is.

:: el ultimo viaje de vasilissa is the first release of Baba Llaga - Raul Dominguez (Armadillo Concreto), Miguel A. García (Xedh, Valvula Antirretorno), Daniel Llaria (Bujero) & Itziar Markiegi (Teta FX), "100% improvised … focused more on the texture and evocation than on the impact and perversion of different forms of music - no intentions and no pretentions.”

just … impressive

Format :: digital
Location :: mahorka / archive. org
thanks to Sergi at bleepwatch

V&R :: Xedh :: sort:zen

© thierry massard / september 2006
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Xedh :: sort:zen

under apparent calm, EED steels the blade ... Best illustration of the general orientation of the label, this release of Xedh is practicing the "deconstructive sound buildings" as an art. 

An interesting alternative confrontation and a transgenic success.

Format :: digital
Location :: +Expanding Electronic Diversity

© thierry massard / mars 2006
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