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Takeshi Nakamura :: compudelic

In not more than a year, and 6 major releases, Takeshi Nakamura became a very important actor of the electro (glitch) scene. The possible highlight was probably "ordinary days" for zymogen netlab on late january, followed by the springtime "easy listening" that the home reviewer, in a fever access, had possibly critically dispatched a little too … hastily. Then I was impatiently waited the moment or finally I could again say all it although I think of this very great artist - this time now came with :: compudelic.
Opening with "new world disorder" and its fragmentated vocabulary, dig worthy of a Gysin dream machine in full sensory divagation. you can be certain that we approach some "exra-ordinary" shores. Then, if sometimes the writing becomes rougher (entrance) it is to better prepare the brilliant "compudelic" track in which Takeshi plays with sounscapes and images of those old kitsch visions of the antic computer age (pre-atari version). Take care about the man cause he has a great sense of humour (remember :: easy listening) and “dub” does not make it lie. "tone-deafness remix" is the perfect prolongation right before starting another top of the release "neurosis". This autumn will probably be influenced by the splendid Nakamura's abstract architectures such as this "am 4:30" which ends this sixth production of the musician and makes us, from now, on await more impatiently the continuation … we will not wait for long, be sure of that.

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