Dreza :: the stray seagull

Dreza est un musicien discret - praticien émérite (depuis 2007) d'une abstraction sonore particulièrement délicate et soignée - Dreza est un musicien discret - auteur de quelques chapitres marquants de l'histoire du label kreislauf et jamais très éloigné de sa profonde complicité avec Niteffect (autre praticien, tout autant émérite et discret) - ainsi pourrait se dessiner une histoire sans paroles ni quasi aspérités !

Mais un jour de décembre, au moment où rien ne puisse le laisser présager, il y a un survol, discret certes, au commencement, puis soudainement beaucoup plus appuyé et déterminant - erratique, "the stray seagull" n'aura dés lors de cesse de tracer des sillons très profonds et quasi indélébiles (final decision) - méfiance donc à l'égard des apparences, illusions, et autres fantasmagories souffreteuses, cet oiseau là pourrait aisement se transformer en rapace à vue perçante.

Thierry Massard / 18 décembre 2011

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11 11 11

très vivifiante expérience que celle menée par le netlabel MiMi records, qui a invité 13 artistes à livrer leur conception personnelle d'un "jour pas comme les autres" - c'est ainsi que Ars Sonor, Elizabeth Veldon, Erro!, Fingers in the noise, Fureasteen, Jan Kees Helms, Laura Focarazzo (pour 2 pièces, l'une sonore et l'autre vidéo), Mists of Poveglia, National, Sonia Laura, Sq'etch, Sraunus et thierry massard, se sont livrés à cet exercice, non sans quelques drastiques règles limitant leur temps d'intervention à 11 secondes, 1 minutes 11 secondes, ou 11 minutes ... tout espoir est désormais permis pour l'ultime 12-12-12

Thierry Massard / 25 novembre 201_

:: a day like no other

Noston :: nos art

la space electro, est un genre qui souffre de nombreux handi... atouts !
Intentionnellement et totalement désinhibée, voici une pratique sonore qui se fiche impérialement de toute velléité, propre à mettre en exergue les egos et tourments des protagonistes (auteurs, auditeurs). Nosrat Charkhi aka Noston n'échappe pas à cette règle (d'or) et nous offre un "nos art" tout empli de lignes de synthés intergalactiques et vocoders en folie, qui font la joie des petits et des autres, c'est à dire, nous !

Thierry Massard / 16 novembre 2011

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precocious mouse & d0x10 :: [6x2]

double équation narrative au sommet, cette rencontre de Precocious Mouse et d0x10, sous les (bons) hospices de la plateforme android, ressemble à une évidence,
une discrète évidence en forme d'émulsion sous ... basse tension.

Thierry Massard / 15 novembre 2011

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Bird Paradigma :: maldoror's scent

nothing else … the case is closed

you know, Bird paradigma produces a Maldoror's scent, dry ashes or … apparent
1, 2, 3, nous dansons encore, et nous danserons encore
pages, words, les moisissures (apparence again), our troubles, and that … memory (what memory?) - Bird Paradigma footprints winding paths, digs over, deeper, pulls time, frolicking with a spectrum unknown to us, que ferions-nous ? the shadow is intense, incandescent – 1, 2, 3, nous dansons !
the image is false, uncertain, we (absolutely) dance on a volcano - we use ashes, monoliths – far from Montevideo, far from an ending november month in Paris – you know … we don't, and Bird Paradigma inflames our torments 

thierry massard / 17 juillet 2011 - 10:45

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Cagey House :: calico pastry sunshine

invited by ZhangJW, musician & coordinator of Bypass netlabel, 
here is the presentation text for "Calico Pastry Sunshine" by The Cagey House.

"Bienvenue dans le shaker des illusions perdues ! Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, and above all, be careful, for the paint is not yet dry! Scattered about,  are the remnants of formica chips (hell ! formicat, comment vais-je traduire ceci? Laminate?)  Float now, through  a powerfully atmospheric memory trip and experience complete levitation, as everywhere the particles are excessively resistant to your gracious appreciation.  Relax and  let yourself go completely. Nothing is spared, nothing is restricted.  Dave Keifer aka Cagey House may very well be a genius, an iconoclast provoking a demonic revolution ...

By now, you, of course can understand the near impossibility  of portraying such a character (though this was exactly what ZhangJW asked me) – Cagey House does not respect conventions!

Ready to dissect ?

"Lower the bubble viewer" which brilliantly opens the release, will not leave you indifferent.  If it does, you need to quickly consult a supersonic astrophysicist (I have addresses).  Where are we?  Too late!   Surrounded!  Submit to delicious words of love, a french whisper, bouncy riffs,  flexible sarabande, and many more temptations to come, but ...

Scenery change.

Speed dating in a flash of high velocity, you're transported to a delightful towering garden, flowering with whiskers.  Symbiotically echoing and reflecting, you merge into a piercing laser beam's voluptuous flash with the softness and agility of a Barbarella, while the laconic, fuzzy guitar riff brewed into the cut-up advances.

Tu et la Flea de la Plage”  will embrace you gently and will respond to you day and night, enveloping you in a strange, dreamy ballet...a very curious to and fro. If Cagey also shows a bit of a "romantic streak"
let's not become  entangled in endless, sterile discussions ..... the rhythm is there!  The rhythm is there and does not wait just until the delicate point of rupture--  you will slalom in the mode of "ritournelle".

But where are we? So ready to exit and yet so completely lost.

Could Cagey House  have surreptitiously abandoned us ?   Left us alone, destitute ...  poor harmonic orphans.  But no!  Now the ringmaster of this magnificent circus has given us his finest gift - "Ethel of the Rocks".  So much like a perfume caressing our eternal desires and illusions ..... our eternally sweet illusions .... lost."

thierry massard / 27 fevrier 2011 - 11:50

adaptation by Daria and Solange Gabrielli

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Phoenelai :: the splatter ep

Pizo Meyer, aka Phoenelai, is ... an elusive artist - often hidden behind monikers and, overall, an artist hidden through many art disciplines, not so complementary that it can seem there - For attention! the man from Houston is still tremendously dexterous to surprise his world - Speaking of the Phoenelai project, Monsieur Meyer was, therefore, left us to the last year's perfectly combinatorial "Voices from the fire" for kreislauf netlabel - then, we could believe in a possible silence .. ... a silence filled with screams (muffled) of tortured Stickies, filled with exciting watermarks, prominent oils, a silence full of warned smiles to his friend Cy Twombly, a silence with his Skessions Sketch club friends ... but we have warned you in the introduction, the man is "elusive" indeed, but fortunately, not ... quiet !

flashback 2003-2006 / supported by the very precursor 'online label' 2063music, Phoenelai performed some feats by signing (not less) what should be the current soundtrack of Mr Lucas, THX1138, aswell as the great 'limmin' ep - then, leaving Germany, we find Phoenelai in France, along with the exciting EKO netlabel for 'The Findings' which was, in most impressed, in the very reserved ambient vip room, for the year 2006 - We will not dwell on the highly successful "My Deluxe Color Box" for retinascan, published in 2009, and just as vital to your so incomplete (so-so) discotheque.

Tabula rasa ... the splatter ep

'the intruder' ... the tone is set ! monstruous material sound moving, pulsating, caught by a structural sound combining a post-apocalyptic landscape desolation to the slow and tortuous materialization of a spectrum voice that do not eventually enter and organically abuse of any vital downturn ! Phoenelai is a messenger and the message is perfectly clear - hell ! Thus, "the splatter" would be an upheaval fomented any imminent invasion, larva migrans? a wandering ship of an irradiated flying dutchman ? a final attempt to preserve? The response is immediate ! Yes, but the 'first call' has gradually taken possession of things, cryptographying a message consumed by the breath of a particle echo, an echo strongly but apparently distant, a resonance crossed by electrical harnesses, splitting any will - irreversible ! lonely, isolated, such an elliptic curve, the 'signals' of Phoenelai restore hope, the hope of a potential memory, sensory fragments deliberately placed there, abandoned on the ground, a suspended hope, a start ... a nonchalant wave to fail and then finally discovering a 'found tape', before it is, perhaps, too late ...

:: the splatter ep

Pizo Meyer, aka Phoenelai, est un artiste insaisissable - souvent dissimulé derrière quelques pseudonymes, et, surtout, à travers quelques disciplines artistiques, pas aussi complémentaires qu'il puisse n'y paraitre - car attention, l'homme de Houston est toujours terriblement agile pour surprendre son monde - Parlant du seul projet Phoenelai, Monsieur Meyer en était donc resté à ses combinatoires "voices from the fire" pour le netlabel kreislauf - et puis, nous avions pu croire à un possible silence ... un silence rempli de cris (étouffés) de post-its torturés, rempli de passionnants filigranes, d'huiles saillantes, rempli de sourires avertis à Cy Twombly, de Skessions Sketch Club avec ses amis ... mais, nous vous avions prévenu en préambule, l'homme est certes insaisissable, mais fort heureusement, pas ... silencieux !

flashback, 2003-2006 - soutenu par le très précurseur 'online label' 2063music, Phoenelai accomplit quelques prouesses en signant (non moins) ce qui devrait être l'actuelle bande son du THX1138 de Mr Lucas, ainsi d'ailleurs que le formidable ep 'limmin' - puis, quittant l'Allemagne, nous retrouvons Phoenelai en France, en compagnie de l'enthousiasmant netlabel EKO pour 'the findings' qui fit, grande impression dans le plus que très réservé, carré vip, ambient, du millésime 2006. Nous n'insisterons pas d'avantage sur le très réussi "My Deluxe Color Box" pour retinascan, paru en 2009, et toujours autant indispensable à votre si incomplète (mais si, mais si) discothèque.

Mais ... tabula rasa ! the splatter ep !

'the intruder' ... le ton est donné ! monstrueuse et mouvante matière sonore, pulsante, happée par un signal sonore structurel combinant un paysage de désolation post-apocalyptique et la lente, la tortueuse matérialisation d'un spectre vocal qui n'en finira pas de saisir et d'abuser organiquement du moindre repli vital ! Phoenelai est un messager et le message est parfaitement clair - diable ! ainsi donc, "the splatter" serait donc une tourmente fomentée, une quelconque imminente invasion, larves migrantes ? le vaisseau errant d'un hollandais volant irradié ? ultime tentative de préservation ? La réponse est immédiate ! Oui, mais le 'first call' a déjà pris graduellement possession des choses, cryptographiant un message rongé par le souffle d'un écho, de particules, un écho résolument et apparemment distant, un écho traversé de faisceaux électriques, fractionnants toute possible volonté - irréversible ! seuls, isolés, telle une courbe elliptique, les 'signals' de Phoenelai restaurent un espoir, l'espoir d'un souvenir potentiel, fragments sensoriels délibérément posés là, abandonnés sur le sol, un espoir suspendu, un sursaut, une vague nonchalante s'échouant puis découvrant enfin une 'found tape', avant qu'il ne soit, peut-être, trop tard ...

:: the splatter ep

Thierry Massard / lundi 26 sept. 2010, 16:00

Adustam :: galapagos escalator

Qui donc osera bouder son plaisir ? fascinant (et véritable) condensé de foisonnante énergie (à valeur positive), cet escalator pour les galapagos n'en n'oublie pas, pour autant, quelques perles bien intitulées "2" et "galapagos" - et puis, quand on s'inscrit sous les bienveillants hospices de "Ed Wood", on ne peut craindre que ... le meilleur.

thierry massard / 4 sept.2010 - 00:00

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SinQ :: passage


i like to know it better, i like to know it better before talking about this april's netaudio from Monotonik. Just a few listens and i just want to share this first lp of dutch musician Sinq (aka Sander van Orischot) with this authority feeling and voice of those who know that "i found a record, man, you sure have to listen it and you'll be thankful for the rest of the days …" Now if you wish a bit of pragmatism and musical encyclopedia, we are here at crossed ways of some Trip Hop, ambient stuff, but sorry, i'm not a great genres fan, then rather let speak about a deaf melancholy, kid voices playing in sepia soundscape, jazz tune harmony with some moderated samples from pianist Jeroen Van Vliet, a touch of Verdi's Nabucco far behind (Port Aventura), distant delicate voices of some nostalgia (be brave). As its artwork, this netaudio is full of photos yellowed by the years, a "passage" in time and souvenirs. Then to paraphrase some tracks, who's afraid of that? if we are still there.

Format :: digital
Location :: Monotonik / Bandcamp

© thierry massard / avril 2006
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Depth Affect :: arche-lymb

Striking happiness, wobbly pleasure are the words, abstract hip hop is the genre, Depth Affect is the band, and :: Arche-Lymb, the album which possibly makes speak about itself still for a long time. Was all known as?

Format :: cd
Label :: autres directions in music / discogs.com

© thierry massard / avril 2006
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Jive Biquette :: 11

From glitch to proto-hardcore, with a touch of disproportion, the eleven tracks of "11" are variegated and composites. With an undeniable taste for cinematographic writing and mental soundscapes, Jive Biquette preserves a certain taste for cut-ups, sound joining and (ironic ?) references, such as André Malraux voice (track 04), or punk icon, Poly Styren opening track 05. "11" is also the place of some great collaborations, as the one with contemporary artist Joël Hubaut, who also has signed the artwork. Then remains this weird evocation of sept.11, subtitling "live in Calais", another mysterious way, that I like it to give up by having another go to the splendid "track 06".

Format :: cd
Location :: Jive Biquette

© thierry massard / avril 2006
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Lezrod :: data transfer

First is the summary of the previous episodes. If you have unfortunately miss the first Zymogen contribution of Lezrod "retorno a la nada", i have the regret to inform you simply have passed through one of the best release of 2005 ( but it is not too late to check it ). Then, here it is "Data Transfer", a netaudio release which opens, for the first time in the short history of the label, a second collaboration with an artist. You probably imagine a possible comparaison with the previous release, it will be a wrong way as Lezrod have chosen the delicate exercice of plural collaborations. Mainly with the homing device Darren McClure, Fgmcvp for whom David Velez (Lezrod) have done remixes, Stephen Walter or electronica artist Gurdonark, this "Data transfer" is very well entitled as the tracks seem so easily "transferable" for the artists working on, a real successful collaboration from the man of Bogotà with his guests, as a sort of enriching friendship. Then, of course, it is finally possible to have a special interest for one or another track ( 'jas" which opens the album, is perhaps the most emblematic), but we never feel this sort of step on interest we usually have in those productions.
Lezrod have called them "data" … or was it a "harmonic data" transfer ?
Last advice, please check it before next year …

Format :: digital
Location :: zymogen

© thierry massard / avril 2006
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Norman Fairbanks :: graceland

it is still very early in the morning, and i am listening to :: graceland ep, the new Norman Fairbanks for Test tube. The sky is bright white as those in the pictures on Norman website and artwork. Nothing is moving around yet, except some (i'm living close to the sea) seagulls turning and going from a roof to another. A quick glance on the tracklist, pch1 - mystified (a probable index for an investigation which will not happened, it is too early) - 90026 - graceland (who still cares) then, what remains of these 4 tracks ? an indefinable charm ? an air tune of guitar (mystified) ? Yes, it seems that it is partly a question of air in there, but a car is passing in the street and my thought with ... now "graceland" wakes me up from my torpor, and i simply still want to play it again. Norman Fairbanks hides behind a certain vacuity of things, just call it : elegance.

Format :: digital
Location :: Monocromatica / TestTube
Website :: Norman Fairbanks

© thierry massard / avril 2006
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Kenneth Kirschner :: august 10, 2005

After releases such as the recent (and brilliant) Karras :: Fernen, EKO netlabel continues its collaborations and investigations on immateriality and soundscapes with New-yorker artist Kenneth Kirschner. Probably faithful to the work of the conceptual artist On Kawara, or more simply eager of a permanent chronology of its own work (based on indeterminate music approach) Kirschner gives us a date, "August 10, 2005", a date well far from the state of unconcern of the summer season. The result is a 21 minutes 52 seconds massive and atmospheric inspired piece that we could, certainly imagine out on a summer hit, still would be first necessary that the professionals of the joy of life in tube, take some remedial courses …

Format :: digital
Location :: EKO / sonicsquirrel.net

© thierry massard / avril 2006
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Das Kraftuttermischwerk :: eingang nach draußen

"Eingang Nach Draußen" means "Entrance after outside" ...
Das Kraftuttermischwerk proves that dub can be mainstream, appropriate, easily tempting, smooth and sad cause so deeply blank, and Carl Martin (Transient), called for a remix track has the greatest difficulties to change the things in there.

Format :: digital
Location :: Thinner / archive.org

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BRTLMN :: makes body cold

I don't know why, these days i am really fond of some release titles, see that :: MAKES BODY COLD, the second and new release of BRTLMN (aka W. Adams) for EED (inaugurating a brand new website), isn't it a significant and promising title ? Then, what is behind this human ice cream title and hairy frontcover ? in fact, i simply do NOT want to answer and i would like to add, clear up you with your capacity to explore some unconventional little practised musical paths. Iconoclast, BRTLMN is presented as a "singular" artist, and in this particular case, singularity is synonymous of audacity, bizarrery, seal, whim, character, knack, cocassery, drolery, strangeness, eccentricity, dark exoticism, imagination, boldness, independence, individuality, nonconformism, innovation, original, paradox, particularism, characteristic, personality, pricking, picturesque, style, unicity … and i have promised not to answer, but please first check "Thunder God" cid, awesome !

Format :: digital
Location :: +Expanding Electronic Diversity / archive.org

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Daniel Maze :: skuba

A few days after the acceptable but finally forgettable "elementary ep", Daniel Maze is giving us :: Skuba, 5 ambient tracks for the electronic label, Standard klik music. Faithful to ambient spirit on construction, Maze developps interestings "granular" atmospheres ( blinded by the sun ) then confirms this interest on textures and coming rythmics drones with the major piece of the release "foodcourt". After a classic "needles", :: Skuba ends with two colored different tracks called "something", one blue and the other green, and as usual, primary color wins …

Format :: digital
Location :: Standard Klik Music / archive.org

© thierry massard / avril 2006
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Tania Mouraud :: ballad n°1 (Mobile snapshots from Paris and Vierzon)

Also projecting it is, also icy or extreme it is, also soft or scented is it, also repulsive, addictive, mobile, misleading and morbid it is, also cynical are sometimes its followers and his decoding... Reality is there, right in front of you and me, perceptible and unanimous, at the end of the camera objectives of Tania Mouraud, like a slow approach without end.
Then, more than a strict spectator of life, these images give us the questions on, not the answers.

Format :: video
Location :: Tania Mouraud Blog

© thierry massard / mars 2006
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Aplink :: galatea galante / four hour fugue

Sound archivists are never mistaken !
They will tell you, "drone", or maybe, a bit more evasive, "ambient", and then, classify the file.
That seems so evident, 2 tracks whose origin appears at the very least unknown, and the artist not less : Aplink - Galatea Galante / Four Hour Fugue.
Then why the magic takes place at this point?
Why thus this elegant minimalism does inspire you superlative
and no selected enthusiasms ?
Ask the question to sound archivists, and just enjoy their embarrassed silence …

Format :: digital
Location :: archive.org

© thierry massard / mars 2006
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Sieve :: vacuum - assisted

hall of dark mirrors ? you should take care of the stolid surface.
Feel the Beautiful but permanent "vacuum" atmospheres,
enjoy the helpful presence of rhythm,
but never wait for any keys from Sieve, you are alone,
alone in front of a cold and dark mirror,
alone with the echo of yourself.

Format :: digital
Location :: Kikapu

(thanks to Ralf Hutter & Florian Schneider)

© thierry massard / mars 2006
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Daniel Maze :: elementary

Far from the "Treehugger ep" for 12rec.net, (including the brilliant track 'Manhattan'), here is an "elementary" and acceptable ambient release from the canadian Daniel Maze, for the russian electronic netlabel, Top 40. Based on rough recordings, this "ready sounds" added with uninspired loops (as followed the "ready mades" Marcel Duchamp's concept) has finally the "elegance" to be rather short (17 minutes 30).

Location :: Top 40 / archive.org

© thierry massard / mars 2006
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Keisuke Sudo :: out ability

Is it so "out ability" to go beyond appearances ? Keisuke Sudo invites to think about, for 6 tracks combining drastic experiments to harmony. Sudo is playing a game on intensive rythm and there is no alternative.
"out ability" is a not a peaceful compromise between genres,
"out ability" is a dangerous hybridation.
No alternative !

Location :: panospria

© thierry massard / mars 2006
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Magnetic Jihad :: bluebeard

"bluebeard" is Rough,
"bluebeard" is noisy,
"bluebeard" is industrial but finally …
"bluebeard" is classic, a successful classic industrial single !
i'm not sure the people of the band will appreciate the compliment, as they seem to work hard to provocate, especially with their punch presentation, their name, without forgetting the associated "bluebeard" track - a magnetic sense of humour (black) -
two classic tracks for a promising first album to come …

Format :: digital
Location :: archive.org
Location :: Lucha Libre Recordings

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Irish :: the pretty album

A little more than one year after the brilliant "Understandings" and its very addictive track 'coma and pray', here it is the new and "pretty" release of Irish (aka Irie Yoshihisa) for the very advised netlabel TestTube -
"The pretty album", 4 pieces of childhood's reminiscence, of dreamed nostalgia, but also, and sometimes of broken toys.
'the man of dead letters' which opens the album, offers us the fragmented voice of Mississippi Sunburst on an improbable melody and a delicate building which seems quite fragile, but does not collapse.
Then, Irish invites us to leave for a rave on the Eboshi Mount, erratic and distant of last rejoicings or to come? temptation is strong to succumb to this groove spectral, but reserve is too large. The building, again, seems close to tremble.
From more traditional scheme is "Theme of Emi" which gives us to appreciate the voice of Tsurutin, whispering some soft and secret recommendations.
The album ends on, which certainly, will become one of the track the most … addictive of this spring 2006 : 'Curtain call for the man', and please take attention, cause Irish is intended there to ignite the old stories and to project them with ease with our appreciation, such an unforgettable savour impossible to circumvent.

Format :: digital
Location :: Monocromatica / Test Tube

© thierry massard / mars 2006
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Xedh :: sort:zen

under apparent calm, EED steels the blade ... Best illustration of the general orientation of the label, this release of Xedh is practicing the "deconstructive sound buildings" as an art. 

An interesting alternative confrontation and a transgenic success.

Format :: digital
Location :: +Expanding Electronic Diversity

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Transient :: sounds from my pocket

In preparation for springtime, Carl Martin have decided to be light and all occurs in its pocket ... made as traditional for Noisy Vagabond concept on his Palm OS using Bhajis Loops in chocolate, Transient have signed a pretty nice window of delicacies. even if certain candies have sometimes a small taste of melancholy ( shenmue, p2ssiun ) we will certainly not deprive of the pleasure of tightening the hand towards them - thank you Transient.

Format :: digital
Location :: Noisy Vagabond Recordings

© thierry massard / mars 2006
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El Senor Ciuf Ciuf :: as seen from above

"this springtime will be catchy" the great dada meteorologist, El senor Oliviero Farneti is formal, and don't try to resist to "i feel like a clean blackboard" which opens this eclectic view from above, you will only precipitate yourself on a soft fall in some ravelling colored and sometimes sour landscapes, illustrated by the talented Joey Weiser - ispirato!

Format :: digital / cdr
Location :: 12.rec.net

© thierry massard / mars 2006
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Bacanal Intruder :: modem

Luis García-Pumarino belongs to precious artists. Touch-with-all, and possibly registered in the very private and worthy filiation of visionary people such as the flying lizard David Cunningham ... Far from any traditional standards and reduced category, Bacanal Intruder awakes us to hidden curious good feelings and he plays with it.
Such as a conjurer, Luis is a child able to place in levitation some infinite melody drops that are necessary for you to assemble and combine with your own way on perception of music and the result is this "Modem ep", all made of fresh air, jumping "pulgas" and catchy "pedalillas" … "modem" is a good and warm remedy for the slow inertia of things and that is a reason to thank Zymogen, "grazie" for this nice gift.

Format :: digital
Location :: Zymogen

© thierry massard / mars 2006
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So inagawa :: nagoya gunshop ep

minihouse or minitech, as you want ... but want it !

the 5 models (see tracklist) of this EP, are there to make us get up ! ... and they succeed easily.

Format :: digital
Location :: unfoundsoundrecords

© thierry massard / mars 2006 
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