Passive Defence :: relate

If everything is so relative, this release can give sense to an absolute doubt form.

The report is clear, Jochen Dworeck early made place us in the center of an environmental space, goes out of blank page in the absence of edge, where it is fast necessary to us to define the uncomfortable caracter of the situation at risk of returning to the previous episode. In that particular way, Dworeck offers a big originality, by giving this part of "vacancy" to his music which some people can sometimes consider "disembodied" - risks has to set.
:: relate is a release made for the candidate adventurers, for the mental explorers and all those who wish to define themselves in the blank page without edge.


Le constat est clair, Jochen Dworeck a tôt fait de nous placer au centre d'un vide environnemental, sorte de page blanche en l'absence de bords, vide où il nous faut bien vite définir le caractère inconfortable de la situation au risque de retourner à l'épisode précédent. Dworeck offre une belle originalité en donnant cette part de "vacance" à sa musique que certains pourront parfois juger "désincarnée" - c'est un risque a prendre.
:: relate est une réalisation faite pour les candidats à l'aventure, pour les explorateurs mentaux et tous ceux qui désirent se définir dans la page blanche sans bords.

Format :: digital
Location :: stadtgruen / archive. org

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Neuf Meuf :: it's cold in space

"it's cold in space" has "nonchalantes allures",
it is quite difficult to stick a description to it, that's it !
Co-produced by 12rec and Serein, we did not need less than these 2 structures to try to delimit this wandering creation -
"it's cold in space" invites you to 11 rhyzomic escapades without party taken, but whose epicentre of the phenomenon could be "goldberry dreamsteam", with its jazzy premises, its slow ambient immersion, moving textures and always this kind of indolent charm.
In its “solid” version :: it's cold in space is accompanied by a very beautiful graphic creation of Inmo Design, publishers besides of the very remarkable MultiLink magazine.
Neuf Meuf is a man of taste.


"it's cold in space" a des allures nonchalantes,
il est bien difficile d'y coller un descriptif, tant mieux !
Co-produit par 12rec et Serein, il ne fallait pas moins que ces 2 structures pour tenter de délimiter cette création vagabonde -
"it's cold in space" vous invite à 11 escapades rhyzomiques sans parti pris, mais dont l'épicentre du phénomène pourrait bien être "goldberry dreamsteam", avec ses prémisses jazzy, sa lente immersion ambient, textures mouvantes et toujours cette sorte de charme indolent.
Dans sa version "solide" :: it's cold in space est accompagné d'une très belle création graphique de Inmo Design, par ailleurs éditeurs du très remarquable magazine MultiLink.
Neuf Meuf est un homme de goût.

Format :: cd / digital
Location :: 12rec - serein

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Segue :: capital hippies

See the silent ballet of the world through the window, feel this gradual ankylosis of your attention -
Segue tests himself with the stylistic sketch and he reaches that extremely well.
Detached from all, this ep is all made of this rhythmic draft, a paraffined dub, sometimes lost in a light fog, as a prismatic but simple reality.

A too short experience, probably the result of another stock exchange flower-powered strategy of the ... capitalist hippies.

Format :: digital
Location ::
Jordan Sauer :: theQuestionnaire / nov 2008

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V/A :: draumar um kalt sumar

Draumar Um Kalt Sumar - Dreams About Cold Summer … 14 dreams for 13 original dreamers (Galaktlan is guest twice) - this icelandic thema compilation rather marks the return of Sutemos, after a long absence (the label have recently announced some news until the autumn 06) - No real surprise in those icy soundscapes, but an elegant selection of elegant tracks for elegantly fresh people - Then, some dreams are sometimes getting higher than others as the "walkman" of Yagya or the "blank paper" bleeps of Static.

Format :: digital
Location :: sutemos /

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